Do not compromise the quality of your text when ordering an English to Danish translation. I am the sole translator of this company and your direct personal contact through the whole process.

When translating a text from one language to another, the translator should not merely transfer the words of the text when translating. Rather, for the translation to be of good quality, it is vital that the meaning and readability of the text is preserved in the final product.

Compared to Danish, the English language has up to three times as many words, which makes it imperative that the translator ensures the fundamental message of the text is preserved in the translation process.

I focus on maintaining the quality of the text by ensuring grammatical correctness of the final product.
Contact me now, and I will make you an offer, customized for your particular text and needs. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Elizabeth Strauss | Master of Arts in English and Media Studies

A passion for English to Danish translation


Prices on translations are calculated based on the number of words in the text you need to be translated.


Send your text, and I will return to you with a price offer. English to danish translation.