FAQ: Translation from English-Danish and Danish-English

Normally, I translate all types of texts, subjected to a few exceptions(*).

Types of texts I typically translate:

  • Advertisements
  • Product information
  • Webpage texts
  • Webshop texts
  • Business contracts
  • Sale- and delivery information
  • Legal documents
  • Scientific articles

Including relevant texts of similar types.

(*) Texts of discriminatory and offensive nature will not be considered for translation.

Price per translated word in a text constitutes at the moment 0.13 EURO + VAT.

All assignments will start at the minimum price of 40 EURO + VAT.

These prices apply from 01.01.2021, and until new prices are published.

I aspire to be able to deliver your translated text within 5 working days after having received the source text. If this deadline cannot be upheld, I will contact you immediately.

Urgent translations are possible. Contact me for information if a translation is needed urgently.

All modern text document programs have a function in which you can see the number of words in your text. You should be able to find it through the main menu in your text document program.

Alternatively, you can use an online word counting tool, like:  easywordcount.com


Recurring customers are welcome to contact me for more information concerning discounts on translation assignments.